What are we?

Berga-Mond is a non-profit association that has an ideological basis, which did not arise out of economic motivation, but as a social demand. 
The Berga-Mond association is aimed at all the public, regardless of age, with a special focus on women. All media interested in participating and collaborating in our projects such as the business world, educational world, mass-media, etc. are welcomed.
We address the entire social sector of the country (young, old, senior, junior, working part-time or full-time, from all professional sectors, housewives).
We operate in various fields of activities:

Mode & design


Culture and Tourism

This is an association whose objective is to increase the self-esteem and the social and professional ambition of women, both young and old, through fashion, culture, education, helping to increase their expectations, helping them to make visible the wide variety of professions and jobs that exist, without the fact of being a woman supplying any limitation for them, as long as they are based on work and effort.
It is novel or unique because it deals with this issue in various ways, such as artistic for example, discovering the passage of time that it is used as a therapeutic tool. We will transform socially and help the well-being of people through micro-documentaries, where we will raise awareness about accepting ourselves and accepting the physical changes that we experience over time (it is not something negative, but something that is in tune with the natural course of things, often constructive).
We are concerned about social well-being and equality in employment and entrepreneurship between women and men, as well as self-acceptance, over time and at all times.
Far from being limited to the perimeter of the association and its activities, we are thinking that through our actions we could create an external dimension of social responsibility, extending to local communities and including a wide range of interlocutors: companies, businesses, consumers, public authorities, associations defending the interests of local communities and the environment.
In a world characterized by multinational investments and planetary production chains, the social responsibility of such associations as ours must, at least on a philosophical and intuitive level, also go beyond the borders of Europe.