2021 What we achieved

MÁRGENES Project – Belgium

« Márgenes » wants to be a manifesto that shows through design that our attitude defines our time and that change over time does not discredit us. We need to see design as a form of personal expression beyond all social stereotypes. Starting from our trust in design and fashion, we also include tourism and culture to reveal what time is for us, annulling any prejudices and social stigmas that have been associated with this.

In this second chapter we dealt with the subject of time from two of the human aspects that have always been in discussion within us: the ancestral part, closely related to our nature, and our consciousness and rationality.
We want to introspect the depths of human nature, divided into two: rationality and nature. Finding that balance is discovering who we are and defining a sense of belonging and existence within the context of the 21st century.
When we find the balance between both parties, art emerges, which is the manifestation of our conflicting feelings with the logic that we follow. We will discuss all this in Belgium, a very complex country, sometimes surreal, which is the essence of all this. Belgium is one of the cradles of art, of history, the highest representation of human dualism, which is the subject of our session.